Gandanur Manual: Table Of Contents

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Welcome to the manual of Gandanur! Here you can find information on how to use the new features that Gandanur adds to your server. There is also a convenient list of all Commands. If you're going to extensively use Gandanur it's recommended to go through the list of commands at least once. There are some commands that do not have their own page yet, and are only visible in the Commands list.

Because this is a Wiki you can improve this manual while using it. For example, instead of making a tutorial about Gandanur for your clan and sharing it only on your clan forum, you can instead post it publicly here! In order to do so first make a account and the go to the Join This Site page.

General Functionality

Recent new features

Main Features

  • Installation: Installing Gandanur on your server
  • Configuring Rcon: Configuring rcon passwords and adding the first admin
  • Remote Control: Enabling and using Remote Control
  • Mapcycle: How to properly configure the mapcycle
  • Voting: Describes mapvote and rockthevote
  • Version: Allows you to change the version and allow all clients
  • Alias: Keeps track of the the nicknames a player used
  • Server Say: Enforce authority over the server using Server Say
  • Banning Players: Enforce Authority by banning by hash or IP
  • Other: Other new Gandanur commands

Advanced Usage

  • Multiple Servers: Utilizing Gandanur with multiple instances of Halo Dedicated Software
  • Wine (Linux): Running Gandanur on a Linux server using Wine

Command List

A list of all the available commands can be found on the Commands page.

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