Gandanur keeps a database of all the nicknames a player has used on your server.


You can access this information on several ways:

  • sv_alias playerid: Displays all the aliases (nicknames) of the player with the given player ID. Find the player ID by executing sv_players.
  • sv_alias hash: Displays all the aliases (nicknames) that have been used under the given cd key hash. The hash must be exactly 32 characters long, otherwise it will try to convert it to a player ID.
  • Directly accessing the database: The database is saved in the file Alias (file has no extension) which is located in directory similar to "My Games\Halo CE\Gandanur" (for older gandanur version this is data\Alias). It is saved in SQLite format and can be opened with programs like SQLite Database Browser.


  • The main reason this feature was added is to verify the identity of a player. This is very useful in leagues where you want to detect and stop ringers.
  • You can also view how many unique visitors your server has by executing sv_unique.
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