Banning Players

This page will explain the virtues and practicalities of banning players by use of "HashBan" "IPBan" and "IPSubnet" bans.


This section will explain what Hash Codes are, and how to implement the HashBan system

Hash Codes

A hash code is a unique identifier for any node or player that wants to join your server. This identifiers does not change (unless you are using a portable version).

Hash Codes are usually a mixture between your computers hardware address and the CDKEY you used when installing Halo and is used to route internal server commands to your client when asked by the server system.

Hash banning was first utilized by Bungie in the current haloded and haloceded, the Gandanur system merely builds on that technology

Hash Ban Usage

There are 2 possible ways to hash ban a player, however there are multiple variables to consider when banning a player

  • sv_banhash hashcode: this command directly bans the hash you specify from connecting to your server again.
  • sv_banhash hashcode (player name): This command will ban the hash of the player specified

the above commands can both be used in conjunction with the time delay feature, this can be used by adding


Banning a player via their IP can be useful when a player constantly comes back after being banned. You can use the commands sv_ipban, sv_ipbanlist and sv_ipunban.


  • sv_ipban 123.456.78
  • sv_ipbanlist
  • sv_ipunban 987.54.321.234
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