Configuring Rcon

Quick and Dirty

Don't care about security and just want to test things out? No problem! Just use the good old command sv_rcon_password to configure a global password, and you're done. For example sv_rcon_password test sets the password to test.

Once you are done testing the server, you can keep using this password or use one of the more secure methods below. Be aware that if you decide to use these methods you must manually reset this password by executing sv_rcon_password "" otherwise the password can still be used.


Gandanur has two methods to configure rcon passwords. The first one called Multiple Rcon Passwords is almost identical to the rcon system of an original server: Knowing the password will allow you to execute commands. This also means that everyone that gets a hold of the password will be able to execute commands. Such a password will be called a global password. The second method called Individual Admins allows you to add individual admins, and these admins get a personal rcon password. This password can only be used by this person, and if someone else finds out his password he will not be able to use it.

Both of these methods can be used at the same time! For example you can have a global password of level 6, and add individual admins of level 3 and 0, where each admin will have his own personal password. Your personal password is allowed to be the same as a global password (although this is highly discouraged for security reasons).

Multiple Rcon Passwords

The original server allowed you to configure one password that allowed you to execute all commands. Using gandanur you can add multiple passwords and give each password a level. A player will be to execute all commands with a higher or equal level of the password that he is using. This can be used to create passwords for admins, moderators, etc. You can even give each player his own password, although in that case we strongly recommend to use the Individual Admins system as explained below.


The Rcon passwords can be configured with the following commands:

  • sv_rcon_list: Shows a list of the currently available rcon passwords.
  • sv_rcon_add pwd [level]: Adds the rcon password <pwd> with the given level to the list. If no level is given it will be added as a level 0 password, which means this password will allow you to execute all commands. If the password already exists nothing will be changed.
  • sv_rcon_del pwd: Removes the rcon password from the list.


Changes to the rcon list will be saved to file and will be remembered when you restart the server. This means you shouldn't put these commands in the init.txt file!

Individual Admins

This method will give you full control over who is allowed to execute commands on your server. Even if an admin gives the rcon password to another person, this person won't be able to execute any commands because admins are also recognized based on their cd key hash.


A list of admins can be maintained with the following commands:

  • sv_admin_list: Lists all the current individual admins of the server.
  • sv_admin_add: Adds an individual admin to the server. See below for usage.
  • sv_admin_del: Removes an individual admin of the server.


An example of the sv_admin_add command is sv_admin_add 1 Omega eggsyo 0 true: This adds Omega with password eggsyo as a level 0 admin and allow this admin to use Remote Control. Here we assume that Omega is currently in the server and has player id 1 (to get the player id execute sv_players).

It also also possible to directly add a player by entering his cd key hash. For example you can execute the command sv_admin_add d9c85b8ff4bc9cf6acbe80a54e3e43e1 Omega eggsyo 0 true. This has the same effect as the first example, except that the admin doesn't have to be in the server at the time the command is executed. The hash must be exactly 32 characters long.

Retrieving your hash

You can find your own cd key hash in two ways:

  • Ban yourself from your own server and see the cd key hash it has banned. This can be done by reading the banned.txt banlist file.
  • Install Gandanur and join the server. Open haloserver.log which is located in directory similar to "My Games\Halo CE\Gandanur" (for older gandanur version this is data\haloserver.log) and find the line where it said you joined the server. This line will include your cd key hash.


Changes to the admin list will be saved to file and will be remembered when you restart the server. This means you shouldn't put these commands in the init.txt file!


Both methods add an admin or rcon password with a certain level. Here 0 is the most powerfull level, and will allow execution of all commands. In general, you can execute all commands that require an equal or higher level.

Adding the first admin

Of course to execute all these commands you first need to be an admin! If you are hosting the server yourself you can execute these commands directly in the console. Otherwise you must include one of the commands in the init.txt file. The easiest method to add the first admin is as follows:

  1. Add the command sv_rcon_add passwd 0 to the init.txt file
  2. Join a server and add yourself as an admin with the command sv_admin_add. Execute the command with the rcon password you have just configured in the init.txt file (passwd in this example). The the example section in Individual Admins for more information on the sv_admin_add command.
  3. Remove the command sv_rcon_add passwd 0 from the init.txt file. Then execute sv_rcon_del passwd to remove the rcon password.

Once you have done this you are the only admin of the server. It's now possible to use your personal password to execute rcon commands, and you can use Remote Control if you have enabled this feature.

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