Any modifications to the mapcycle are now automatically saved. You no longer have to include sv_mapcycle_add commands in the init.txt file. In fact, Gandanur will ignore sv_mapcycle_add commands if they appear in the init file!

Changing the Mapcycle

If you want to update the mapcycle you have two options:

  • Connect to the server and execute sv_mapcycle commands to modify the mapcycle. When the server is restarted Gandanur will automatically restore your mapcycle. Changes are never lost.
  • Manually edit data\mapcycle.txt. Each line has to contain a map and a game type. The game type must be put between parentheses if it contains a space(s). If you want to set the same mapcycle on multiple servers, you can configure it for one server and then copy the mapcycle.txt (now containing the new mapcycle) to your other servers. Example of a line in data\mapcycle.txt: bloodgulch "classic slayer"


If Gandanur failed to load the mapcycle from data\mapcycle.txt it will not ignore sv_mapcycle_add commands in the init file. So the first time you will start Gandanur the mapcycle will be loaded from the init.txt commands and then saved to mapcycle.txt. The second time you run Gandanur it will load mapcycle.txt and ignore the sv_mapcycle_add commands in your init file.

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