Multiple Servers

This guide will show you how on a single computer how to run multiple instances of the Halo Dedicated Server Software with Gandanur.

Command Line Arguments

haloceded.exe -argument [option]

haloceded.exe -exec c:\haloCE\init.txt -path C:\haloCE\variants -IP -port 2322

  • -? : Displays a list of all arguments.
  • -exec : Specify which init.txt file to use for this instance of the dedicated server. The name of this file can be any name.
  • -cpu : When using a multi-processor computer (SMP) server, it is possible to instruct Halo Dedicated Server to run on a specific CPU. To do so, use the –cpu n command line argument (where n is a given CPU, 0 being the first one).
  • -path : Sets the default path to the Gametypes and the log file location. The default is C:\My Documents\My Games\Halo CE\savegames.
  • -port : Different instances must, obviously, use different ports. -port is used to specify the port for the instance being launched. If a port is not specified the server will automatically choose an open port though the chosen port is not reported.
  • -ip x.x.x.x : Server IP address used when you have multiple IP addresses and wish to bind the server to a specific IP address. If this command is omitted in servers running multiple IP addressess the the Halo Server will answer on all IPs.

Running Multiple Servers

The Halo PC & CE Dedicated Server supports multiple instances running on one computer. The maximum number of instances that can be run on a server is 8. When running multiple instances, each instance should use its own init.txt file and unless you desire it should have its own path for gametypes and log files. (See next section to learn how to relocate log files and custom gametype files.)

Here is an example on how to run multiple instances, assuming the Halo PC & CE Dedicated Server is installed in the C:\HaloPC and C:\HaloCE folder:

Instance 1: C:\HaloPC\haloded.exe -exec C:\halopc\init1.txt -cpu 0 -path C:\HaloPC\variants1 -port 2307

Instance 2: C:\HaloPC\haloded.exe -exec C:\halopc\init2.txt -cpu 1 -path C:\HaloPC\variants2 -port 2305

Instance 3: C:\HaloCE\haloceded.exe -exec C:\haloce\init6.txt -cpu 0 -path C:\HaloCE\variants3 -port 2312

Instance 4: C:\HaloCE\haloceded.exe -exec C:\haloce\init9.txt -cpu 1 -path C:\HaloCE\variants4 -port 2313

Another example is if you want to create a local directory (here called LocalDir) where the halo(ce)ded.exe is located: C:\HaloCE\haloceded.exe -path .\LocalDir -port 2313

Relocating Custom gametypes/log file folders

Adding this argument to the startup of the Halo CE Dedicated server: -path C:\haloCE\variants1

It will tell the server to look in the C:\haloCE\variants1 for the \savegames folder that contains your custom gametypes. If enabled the log file will also be written to the same path.

This is particularly useful for remote access to dedicated servers since the C:\My Documents\My Games\Halo CE\savegames will be determined by the account the server is running under. It is also required when you wish to run multiple instances of the dedicated server each with their own custom gametypes.

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