Ping Kicking

With Ping Kicking you can configure Gandanur to automatically kick players with a high ping. It also aids you to passively monitor players and then manually kick players you've deemed have a too high ping.


You can configure Gandanur to automatically kick players after they've had a too high ping for a certain period. Another advantage is that Gandanur will always passively monitor players. In practice this means that Gandanur will not automatically kick players but you will still be able to use the command sv_ping_list. This command will then show you how long a player has had a too high ping.

During the Postgame Carnage Report (the score at the end of a game) the pings of players are not monitors. Only when a game is in progress will pings be monitored. When a player has just joined a server there is also a grace period of 10 seconds before his/her ping will be monitored.



This command let's you control if Gandanur should kick high ping players or not. Executing sv_ping_kick true will enable kicking of high ping players. Execute sv_ping_kick false to disable kicking. Even when kicking is disabled Gandanur will still pasively monitor players, hence you can still use the command sv_ping_list.


With this command you can set the maximum allowed ping in the server. When players have a ping higher than this limit they will be kicked if their pings remain too high for 30 seconds. Players will be warned 20 seconds before they are kicked. For example executing sv_ping_max 99 only allows players with a ping strictly lower than 100 and kicks all other players.


Execute sv_ping_kickadmins false to prevent admins from being kicked when having a high ping. Admins must be added by sv_admin_add for this to work! The command sv_ping_kickadmins true enables the kicking of admins.

By default this is set to false so admins won't be kicked.


With this command you can specify the minimum number of players before Ping kicking is activated. For example, when executing sv_ping_minplayers 2 high ping players will only get kicked once there are 2 players in the server. So if there is only one person in the server he/she will never be kicked, even when having a too high ping. Execute sv_afk_minplayers 0 to disable this option. By default it's disabled.


This command displays how long the players currently in the server have had a ping higher than allowed. An example output is the following

halo( sv_ping_list
Number  Name         Total Seconds   Last Seconds
1       [XK] Omega   36 (7%)         2

From this output we learn the following:

  • In total Omega has had a too high ping for 36 seconds.
  • He has has a ping higher than the allowed limit for 7% of the time in the current game.
  • The last 2 seconds he has had a too high ping. If the player currently has an allowed ping the Last Seconds field will be 0.
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