Remote Control

With Remote Control you can send rcon commands without joining the server. This allows you to connect to the server without running halo, even if the server is full! Once you are connected you can execute all rcon commands and you will instantly see the output of the commands.


In order to connect to the server you need to be added as an admin that is allowed to use Remote Control. Once you are added you can use your username and individual password to log in.

Enabling Remote Control

  • sv_remote_port port: set the port that will be used for Remote Control. You can use the same port that is used for halo itself, and this is also what we recommend. When changing this port Remote Control must first be disabled. To disable Remote Control type sv_remote false.
  • sv_remote true: execute this command to enable Remote Control. Once it is enabled you can connect to your server.
  • You can disconnect by closing the tab or exiting Remote Control.

Connecting to the Server

Fill in the IP and port of the server. Then enter your username and individual password. You can now click on connect and Remote Control will attempt to connect to the server. If everything went well you will see "Successfully connected to server". Otherwise an appropriate error message will be displayed.


  • The username and password are case sensitive. But sure you enter both correctly.
  • In order to use Remote Control the admin must be allowed to use it. See sv_admin_add for more details.
  • If you have problems enabling Remote Control be sure to check the log file or console for error messages. It may also be that your server host uses a network configuration that blocks (or incorrectly forwards) new TCP/IP connections.


Remote control 1.0 works only with Gandanur 11.2.0 and higher. Use Remote Control 0.9 to connect to older versions of Gandanur.

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