Stats: Halorank

Gandanur has the capability to send player scores (statistics) to the HaloRank Project. HaloRank is a next gen HaloPC and HaloCE statistics tracking and competition platform.


HaloRank gives players the possibility to view their scores, play challenges and compete with other Halo PC/CE gamers in competition. The best part is that players don't need to download any special programs! Simply enable stats sending and people that play on your server will be able to sign up on HaloRank and their stats will automatically be tracked.

Register Your Server

First you must register your server at HaloRank. Once this is complete you will get a key that uniquely identifies your server. Keep this key private! Keeping the key private will prevent malicious individuals from imitating your server and sending fake data. This is very important because if it's detected that your server is sending fake scores your server will be banned from the HaloRank website and will no longer be tracked.

Once you have obtained your key you can set it by executing the command sv_stats_key key. This command should be placed in the init.txt file. An example is:

___sv_stats_key h10Wupj3AV0rJRaWmxlxYzsDnqkbCEoLgYg

Keep in mind that in this example the key is fake and will not be accepted by Gandanur. You must request your own unique key! Requesting your own unique key can be done by logging in to and browse to your Setting page. On the Settings page you will be able to create the sv_stats_key key for your server. The general rule is one key per server, so multiple servers require multiple keys.

Warning: The security settings on this key creation process are quite high so make sure you don't miss type the IP address including the port of your server. The general IP format is Typing this wrong could potentially cause a ban on all your created server keys plus a stop on possible new key creations. E-mails will be send to the e-mail address you registered with, so please keep a close eye on your SPAM box.

Enabling Stats Sending

Once you have specified a valid key you can enable stats sending using the command sv_stats true. We recommend placing this command in the init.txt file although this is not strictly necessary.

To disable stats sending execute sv_stats false.

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