Players can vote for the next map and vote to skip the current map they are playing on.


When mapvote is enabled players will be able to vote for the next map during the PCR (when the scores are shown). The server will randomly pick 5 options from the vote option list, and players will be able to vote for one of them.

Configuring Vote Options

You can add and remove vote options with the following commands:

  • sv_mapvote_list: Shows a list of the current vote options. Remember that 5 options will be picked randomly from this list (when displaying more options the chat messages can disappear too quickly).
  • sv_mapvote_add map "gametype" "description": Adds a vote option to the list. The description is what will be shown to players while voting. An example is sv_mapvote_add bloodgulch "classic slayer" "Classic slayer on bloodgulch".
  • sv_mapvote_del: Removes the vote option from the list. Use sv_mapvote_list to get the index of a vote option.

Enabling Mapvote

  1. Add at least 2 vote options with the commands described above.
  2. Set a long enough mapcycle timeout. This is needed to give players enough time to vote. Currently we recommend at least 17 seconds. Use sv_mapcycle_timeout to change the timeout.
  3. Now you can enable mapvote by executing sv_mapvote true.

Players will be able to vote by typing vote <id> or simply <id> as a chat message. Here id is the number of the vote option. Vote options will be displayed in chat. Mapvote can be disabled with sv_mapvote false.

Important: Executing sv_mapcycle_begin will automatically disable mapvote.

Random map using sv_mapvote_random

When nobody voted you can let Gandanur pick a random option from the vote list. This can be done by executing the command sv_mapvote_random true. After executing that command a random map will be chosen if nobody voted.

Note that if you don't specify sv_mapvote_random (or use the argument false) the server will still pick a random map when there are no players in the game. This is to attract new players (in case it's stuck on a boring map). However if there are players in the game and nobody voted the server will say on the same map.


During the game players can Rock The Vote. When enough players do this the server will automatically load the next map or, when map voting is enabled, allow the players to vote for the next map. If mapvote is disabled, the server will load the next map on the mapcycle. If mapvote is enabled it will start a new mapvote during the PCR. You can set the percentage of rockthevote's needed to load the next map with sv_rtv_needed.

You can enable rockthevote by executing the command sv_rtv true. Disabling it can be done with sv_true false. Players can type "rtv" or "rockthevote" in chat to join the rockthevote.

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