Linux: Wine

This page will explain how to get Gandanur running under Linux using Wine. Specifically it will show how to get Gandanur working under Ubuntu Server 10.10 with no GUI. If you have a graphical environment simply starting the server using wine should work.


The core of the Halo server is the 'haloded.exe' executable. This is essentially an immensly cut down version of a normal 'halo.exe' and is dependant on it being launched inside (or having access to) a 'Command Prompt' window.

When launched it takes over the 'Command Prompt' window so its output can't be piped out like a normal command line program, and also can't be exited to return to the prompt. This is why Wine gets terribly confused and isn't sure what to make of it, it can't tell if it's a graphical program or a command line program.

In order to solve this we will emulate a Command Promt.


In order to get started the packages wine, screen and xvfb must be installed. This can be done with the following commands:

  • sudo apt-get install wine
  • sudo apt-get install screen
  • sudo apt-get install xvfb

Starting the Server

To start the server execute the command screen -S HaloPC xvfb-run -a env WINEDEBUG=-all wineconsole —backend=curses haloded.exe. You can change the parameters to your preference. Check the man pages of screen and xvfb-run for more details.

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